25 April 2012

Redang Day 1

I'm on a boat

I'm on a boat
Everybody look at me coz I'm sailing on a boat
I'm on a boat
I'm on a boat
Take a good hard look at the muthafarking boat

I'm back from Redang and I got sunburned. 

Ah... Redang! A place where you can't differentiate the dark-chocolate muscle guys whether they are Malay, Indian or... Chinese. Really 1 Malaysia punya place, Ole!  #somolin

 Slept in the bus for like 5 hours above...
Arrived Terengganu, embarked on to the boat.
It's a MUST especially we're at a beach! We don't give a fuck, we drink like drunktards and enjoy the breeze!

Touch down!

After checking in at Pelangi Resort, everybody gets changed and it's time to roll!
While walking towards the sea, someone just shouted "Battlefield!". Then everybody just acted like they're soldiers in the game and started running. LOL
 Move move move ladies!
Yeah, me! The only one without life-jacket. Who needs it, PPFTT~ Haha

 Look carefully and spot the ugly fish, haha.

Sea Cabbage

Look carefully again at this pic too :P
Sea Acorns

You have no idea how deep and amazing the sea is... You just gotta find a chance and go experience it.
 But too bad most of the corals have died.

Sea Brain.
Sea Mushrooms
I just adore the deep sea! If only I have flippers!

Ohai! It's me again, in a bikini, finally! Hehe :D

Sea Noodlesssss

No, they're not piranhas, god damn it.
I have no idea what's his name, we just call him 小黑.
He wears a yellow rabbit toy necklace around his neck which I assume it's a McD Happy Meal toy, lol.
Oh, he speaks chinese and scared the shit out of us coz we can't really tell he's an Indian or Malay... 

Group pic!
That's the end of the snorkeling session for day 1. After that, leisure time.
Volleyball time!
This is Sarah napping.

Then some of us can't get enough of snorkeling and swimming, so we continue!

Sea Cushion

Our night activity was supposed to be drinking and shisha only, who knows the pub plays clubbing songs (ISH!) and people were dancing, even the old uncle boss...
And we thought we leave the city, we leave the loud music and clubbing... In the end, the clubbing doesn't leave us alone. haha

That's end of day 1 folks!

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