26 April 2012

Redang Day 2 & 3

Alright move on to Day 2, which is our last day to have fun!
More snorkeling pics yo! 

  I found Nemo again!
Damn, I'm goooodddd~
  小黑with the nemo cap! LOL!
Everybody wants that dai B cap seriously! Haha
 This thing which looks like a pumpkin is called Cushion Starfish, it ain't cushy at all.
 The waves were quite strong that day, some of us managed to take a group pic before climbing back up to the boat. The rest were suffering leg cramps or breathing problems.

After lunch, most of us are damn tired after swimming against the strong waves but we ain't gonna waste the time on resting since it's the last day for us to have fun. Therefore, we choose to go shoot some jumping shots!
YA!!! The cheerleaders!
 The no-face-to-meet-people a.k.a. shy-shy 
 The running girls 
 The self-nipple-twisting 
 The sitting buddha 
 The fat-sleeping-or-laying-buddha 
 The supergirls 
 The uber-happy-guai-lan-zai 

Night time same old same old~ More drinking and dancing, haha. But this time, better, coz we met new people, chatted for hours and even exchanged contacts. 
One more thing, we spotted METEORS while laying on our backs at the sand beach. For the first time, meteors flying through right in front of my sight, man! I swear I was gonna burst into tears that night. Mother nature touched my heart and soul.
Gosh, not to mention that the starry skies are really fucking breathtaking!
I was gonna try skinny dipping or swimming topless during the night but mehh... lazy to shower again.

Day 3 we left Redang early in the morning. Bye bye Redang!
While typing this post, I'm planning where to travel after this.... Hmmm.... But gotta earn some cashy cash first, right? :)

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