27 March 2012


Vintage, old, whatever you call it.
They used to be so unpopular or ugly those days, but when they exist in the new modern year, people just admire and worship the old, outdated & vintage. 

Bear in mind that I'm not here to offend or to go against the old vintage styles, just doodling and crapping them out only. 
Just for fun.


1. The Pomelo/ Mushroom/ Watermelon Hair
I bet most of you owned this hairstyle during your high school years where the attire rules are soooo super duper strict. It's like the discipline teacher is more powerful than the principle. Which made us girls can't wait to grow our long hair out just because years of pomelo short hair.
But then, pomelo hair strikes back again for people who wants an edgy look... with outrageous colors of course. Damn...
And I realized that people with the right face shape only can obtain this pomelo hairstyle. Damn again...

 2. Suspenders
You get bullied easily and tend to get wedgies easily too. Harhar~

Now you can be one of the Topshop models. lol

3. The Center-Parted Hair a.k.a. Petpet (ass) Hair
Seriously? You wanna show all your pimples out? Your head looks like an ass!

It's the IT trend now, makes you look glamorous and sexy.

4. Shirt Tucked In & Wear Your Skirt/ Pants High Up Above Your Waist

Aiyar... IT trend also wad!
Now you can prove you own slim and long legs too.

5. Specs
Aiyerrr! Four eye beast! Sei ngan zai!
You look so nerdy, don't want friend you liao~
Wah, you look smart! Definitely you're a cool hipster with swag!


  1. this is nice!! keep it up!!
    and my 3 wishes are .... *to be continue*

  2. that's why I still wear some of mom's cloths when it's selling sky rocket price in the market :p

  3. @Ron
    haha, thanks!

    i know right?! the most precious and valuable stuffs are from mommy the dearest :D


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