24 February 2012

nerd typing...

I've agreed to join a bet with my mates and seniors.

Everybody has to shed off more than 3kg of fats/ weight before our Redang trip!
*well, except for the skinny guy who needs to gain more 3kg fats, lucky son of a bitch, haha~*

Girls have to wear bikinis and guys have to show off their six packs, abs blablabla everything. #whoopwhoop

So... 1 more month to go! Let's do this!!!
Think about the harsh punishment if you wanna give up!
I think I burned 500+ calories after 1 hour of gym and 1 hour of swimming. Hmmmm..... I kinda feel ALIVE.

Ok, nerd signing off.
Kisses to my mates, muah~

P/S aw crap.. neeed to cut off the liquor-drinking and smoking D:

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