9 February 2012

Do It Like A Boss

It's been a while yo!
A few more days and my college days will come to an end. 
Gonna miss my friends so so much then! :(
Plus needa start focusing on my own future, 21 adulthood here I come!

Alright, back to the main point. 
Just wanna blog about one of my new year's resolutions had been fulfilled! *slashing it off the list*
WHICH IS.........


The first one I got was a small on the back of my neck. 
Did it last year 20th of December and my manager dared me which he lost in the end. 
Haha suckaaa!!!
*never dare a girl like me!*
Anyways.. here's my first tattoo- 'rebellious like fuck'.
I'm real lucky to meet my manager's friend who's my tattoo artist as well- Rio

It was quite pain for the first time but trust me the real pain is when they apply the alcohol on your tattoo.
OMFG! That fucking burns!!!

After my first tattoo, after the new year, I feel like getting a new and big one on my chest. 
Then I called Rio, told him about it and send him some pics about my new tattoo piece.
After received some big fat ang paos during Chinese New Year, I went to his place and check out the tattoo design. 
Funny thing is that day I was supposed to view the design only, who knows after agreeing with the tattoo design, Rio just said "Alright, let's do this, right now." and I was like "Oh, okay! :)"

Hence, I got my second ink on 4th of Feb.
This chest tattoo of mine is really a memorable and special one. 
'Passion Drives You', a reminder to myself every morning when I wake up.
It's kinda like a collaboration by Rio and his awesome mate Arnis! Rio did the peonies and Arnis did the wordings, freehand yo! #likeaboss
Took them 4 hours to finish this and mutherfuckkkk this hurts so so so much more than the first one.

A friendly reminder: when you wanna get inked please sleep well and eat well before your inking session starts coz no joke man, I almost fainted during the progress. Your body needs the energy to fight with the pain.

It's all about the pain and it's so addictive! 


Thank you for commenting, now I shall grant you 3 wishes. XD