14 November 2011

Busy OCT

Oct was a busy month for me. Phew!
Joined two bazaars, work part-time, assignments, do handmade, meet new people...
Well, I manage to balance them kay-o-kay!

So, here are some pics taken by me at the C+C art bazaar.
1st pic: Mossery ; 2nd pic: Caldo Ricamo 

Jing & Jane small cafe :d

The Cheezy Kids

 Hehe, my cute customer!
My favorite senior!

This is stamping a.k.a. "chop-chops".
Cheezy Kids accept special custom orders, just send an e-mail to xuxuray91@gmail.com


Hehe, bought tons of stickers & postcards with the coupons!
First time I feel rich on spending money lol.