24 October 2011

s h i s h a

Bought 2 Deals from MyDEAL.com

Dined at Hotel Ambassador. Damn this place took us almost 1 hour to find it!
Not to mention, it was raining heavily that day... actually it was raining the whole day!
Japanese Garden Salad- quite sour with the special sauce/ gravy, but nice~

Veggie Soup- simple but tastes real good, missing it now :d

One of my mates said that we were like goats eating loads of greens and veggies non-stop from 4 different dishes of starters to 4 different dishes of appetizers. lol

Then only comes the main course. Finally they cheered for meat, haha.
 Overall, the dining experience is so-so.

After dinner, me and my guy wanted to go for a shisha session. RM10, same price like mamaks but tastes way more better than mamaks. 
Spot the couple next to us?
They are freaking nice people I tell you! They treat us second shisha coz they like us (well, that's what I heard, lol) and they even pay for our shisha bill! 
Oh emm gee~ HAPPY MAX!

And then I got very nauseous and almost got knocked out. By now, I'm still wondering why, since this is not my first shisha at all.

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