27 September 2011

Frying The Perfect Egg

Do you know how to fry a perfect egg?
(a.k.a. sunny side up)
 Well, I know sikit-sikit saja DON'T.
No matter how many times I practice, I fail. wtf

Ok, to fry an egg, all you need first is AN EGG!
After the oil is heated, crack your egg into the pan.
 Wait for the egg white changes from transparent to solid white.

Take out your wooden spatula coz it's time...
for some egg porn! wtf

Use your wooden spatula and flip the... *yolk suddenly flows out*
NOOOOOO!!! This is the step I always fail! The yolk always flows out!

So what to do if a perfect egg is not perfect at all/ ruined?

1. Make scramble eggs!
Ini saya sangat pandai! Add lotsa cheese, add pepper, add a bit of salt and add more butter. And then stab here stab there hoho~

2. Call someone very pandai to fry a new perfect egg for you.
My guy sangat pandai one~ lol
Arrow- Suck in you cheeks to get instant V-shaped face.
Red speech bubble- Honey~ Help me to fry an egg for a while~
Blue speech bubble- Ok, I can help but you don't have to be 'this' gross!

3.Continue cooking with pek chek-ness or just throw the egg into the trashcan.
Eh bro, don't waste food la. Uncool you know? Later 10 years of solitude for you! lol


  1. HAHAHAHA I love your doodles (especially the last one lmao)! I always fail at frying eggs like this, so i just beat them in a bowl first only fry. XD

  2. Haha! Nice post, I love it!

    I have no problems with eggs though, I love eggs and I started frying them as a kid. :D

  3. hahaha... yes,I hate the flipping part!!!!!!!!!!


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