27 September 2011

Frying The Perfect Egg

Do you know how to fry a perfect egg?
(a.k.a. sunny side up)
 Well, I know sikit-sikit saja DON'T.
No matter how many times I practice, I fail. wtf

Ok, to fry an egg, all you need first is AN EGG!
After the oil is heated, crack your egg into the pan.
 Wait for the egg white changes from transparent to solid white.

Take out your wooden spatula coz it's time...
for some egg porn! wtf

Use your wooden spatula and flip the... *yolk suddenly flows out*
NOOOOOO!!! This is the step I always fail! The yolk always flows out!

So what to do if a perfect egg is not perfect at all/ ruined?

1. Make scramble eggs!
Ini saya sangat pandai! Add lotsa cheese, add pepper, add a bit of salt and add more butter. And then stab here stab there hoho~

2. Call someone very pandai to fry a new perfect egg for you.
My guy sangat pandai one~ lol
Arrow- Suck in you cheeks to get instant V-shaped face.
Red speech bubble- Honey~ Help me to fry an egg for a while~
Blue speech bubble- Ok, I can help but you don't have to be 'this' gross!

3.Continue cooking with pek chek-ness or just throw the egg into the trashcan.
Eh bro, don't waste food la. Uncool you know? Later 10 years of solitude for you! lol


24 September 2011

Pixel Disney

Hohohohohoho~~~guess what I received this afternoonnnn~~

Mickey Disney Tee from Hong Kong!
Thanks mui for the gift~
And thanks for the wake up call "Hellluuuuu bitchhhh!!!"
oh so cute~


19 September 2011

TULULU~~ To The Rescue!!! Birdman!

Haha, wtf title... 
Helluuu I'm back! Quite a hectic moment for me to blog now but I'll try my best ok?  

Yesterday I dined with my friends at Birdman Cafe & Restaurant @ The Strand Kota Damansara.
Yes the name is quite funny, even I like to make fun of it.
ahahaha~ XD
hopefully they don't change the name coz we still like it lol

This is my second visit to there coz the lady boss and the workers gave me a warm and great service at the first time. Plus, the workers there are foreigners and they are well-trained (can even speak canto, wah!). And most of all, their food... Oh Em Gee~ Last time I tried this simple looking french toast with egg, IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS with flavors and it caused me want more of their food!! 
*food orgasm* lol

Ok, back to the second visit...
I was hoping to meet the lady boss and have a chat or giggle with her unfortunately she was out somewhere. Nevermind, at least the worker made our day :D
There's a promotion going on pun- add any chosen drinks from the menu for only RM1 or RM2. Happy me ordered a three-layer tea. Syok!
And Audrey's watermelon juice, she thinks this is quite cute as the two white thingy look like eyes and.. Ultraman was reborn. lol

And this is what we ordered...
Audrey- beef omelette rice (not the actual name)
The rice taste super fresh and perfectly cooked. And there is custom-made kimchi inside it. woots~

Lian- beef burger with potatoes (not the actual name) 
Not bad, I really really love the potatoes! (not the french fries, see the mushy-looking thingy below the fries) 

Mine- cabonara spaghetti (not the actual name) 
Garlic, mushrooms, egg, bacon, black pepper. 

Habis makan buat apa? 
Play with Ultraman (Birdman's property/ toy), take a pic with it.

Play with colorful sticks.
Damn this is hard to play for a noob like me.

Maybe you guys are wondering why the name 'birdman', well probably coz they serve dishes with eggs mainly.
Overall, price affordable and quite reasonable. Good + friendly service and environment.

43G, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-6142 4885

That's all folks!