11 August 2011



Eating in one shot/ straight away.

1. Milo Powder

This starts from my childhood memory. I like to eat a spoonful of milo powder every time when I feel like eating it especially after school where I stay at my mom's office until her work ends.
Mom's office has a small pantry. Oh, loads of food and snacks were available at there.
Actually, milo powder is quite troublesome, it sticks to your teeth and sometimes you will choke. (lol and i thought i have the ability to cough out brown fairy dust)
Just make sure you drink more water after eating a spoonful of it, coz it's quite 'heaty' and I remember my nose bleeds after eating too much of it.

2. JW DUO/ Nutella
I'm not quite a fan of Nutella coz it's too too too MILKY.
So, I choose JW Duo as my favorite chocolate bread spread(since Belgium is famous of chocolates). Oh ya, the hazelnut is GOODDD~ :d
Sometimes when bread bores me, I'll just dig a spoonful of JW Duo into my mouth.
Oh so sweet, Imma die from diabetes~

3. Milk
Oh come on, who never try this at home?!
p/s getting a milk mustache is uber cool

4. Hotdogs!
Hahaha, who's with me?
I do this when I'm home alone, keke~
And... sometimes I add too much mustard into my mouth.


  1. Heh! I love it too!

    When I was a kid, I used to make this Milo concoction with four heaped tablespoons of Milo powder and 2 heaped tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

    It's pure heaven! :D

    I thought I was the only one who puts condiments into my mouth if it's not enough, glad to see you do it too. ;)

  2. I don't do it anymore, but when I was younger, I scooped peanut butter jam into my mouth, and drank milk and the hotdog thingy too! XD

  3. @meck
    thanks :)

    @huai bin
    YEAH!!! U REMINDED ME THE CONDENSED MILK! i put that into my mouth too! buddies! lol~ XD

    @Pou Leen
    omg~ finally i found one who eat hotdogs like that too! J O Y~ ><


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