23 August 2011


I just found my favorite app in the last few days.
It's called EyeEm.

This app allows you to take pics and share it throughout the world. #communitylove
You might say this "duhhh~ another photo app, what's so big deal about it bladeeblabla..."
But this app is amazing because less on camwhore pics and more on real photography. Not to mention, see what's happening, what is it like and meet new people at other countries.

When it comes to photography, you don't have to own a real DSLR, what you need is..

View on phone:

View on PC:
background pic taken by an EyeEm user. it changes randomly :)

beautiful pics from Cindy Patrick

Plus, EyeEm is having a new competition called STYLE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES.
fashionistas will love this!

EyeEm and the Northumbria University School of Design are teaming up for this competition. Aiming to explore the multitude and individual creativity of street styles around the world, this project is a collaborative collection of street fashion photos taken by those who really define today's fashion and reinvent it every day.

The best works of this competition will be exclusively shown at the London Design Festival 2011! Deadline of submission is Monday, 29th of August. The London exhibition is set to take place from 23rd to 25th of September. So hurry up and add your photos!

Check out the EyeEm Street Fashion page for more details and infos: http://fashion.eyeem.com/

How to participate:
1. Download EyeEm (available for both Android and iPhone App Store! fair enough huh?)

2. Take a photo

3. Tag your photo with 'Upload It' and see it minutes seconds later in the LIVE PHOTO VIBE!

P/S  check out their blog too!


22 August 2011

Read More

Finally! I added the 'read more' button to the blog!
So I can force you guys to read my blog without pek pek si fatt and leave.
*and also to surprise you all*

Here's how to do it:



Today's topic will be on Narcissism.

Right, the story goes like this...

One day, me trolling, checking and stalking in Facebook. And then a status update pops out...

Whoop! Photos! Me like photos~
Penang? 187 photos? Alright~
I would like to view some amazing pics on food, places, people etc etc. : D
Ok... Camwhore pics, all about you and you and your cleavage and your guy... 
Maybe if I scroll down a bit then only the food pics will appear...

Still all about you...

The most funny part is reading the photo description. 


In the end, among the187 photos, I still find no food or landscapes pics.
Why do you even name your album "Penang" when there isn't a single pic about Penang?
Narcissism these days.. ISH!

1. What's up with the typing?  tYpINg lIKe tHiS iS DAmN aNNoYinG LA! sUmMOrE u ADd sHItZ liKe ~.~ «-(¯`v´¯)«-- ..·.¸¸·´¯`·.¸¸.ஐ ...¤¸¸.·´¯`·.¸·.>>--» [[ o(‧'''‧)o ◐ ◑(‧'''‧)o εїз ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ∞Ψ ∑ ⌒ 

2. Changing your name to 'Yuki' or other Jap names won't transform you into a Japanese, and changing your surname to "Bieber" won't turn you into a sibling of Bieber. lol


11 August 2011



Eating in one shot/ straight away.

1. Milo Powder

This starts from my childhood memory. I like to eat a spoonful of milo powder every time when I feel like eating it especially after school where I stay at my mom's office until her work ends.
Mom's office has a small pantry. Oh, loads of food and snacks were available at there.
Actually, milo powder is quite troublesome, it sticks to your teeth and sometimes you will choke. (lol and i thought i have the ability to cough out brown fairy dust)
Just make sure you drink more water after eating a spoonful of it, coz it's quite 'heaty' and I remember my nose bleeds after eating too much of it.

2. JW DUO/ Nutella
I'm not quite a fan of Nutella coz it's too too too MILKY.
So, I choose JW Duo as my favorite chocolate bread spread(since Belgium is famous of chocolates). Oh ya, the hazelnut is GOODDD~ :d
Sometimes when bread bores me, I'll just dig a spoonful of JW Duo into my mouth.
Oh so sweet, Imma die from diabetes~

3. Milk
Oh come on, who never try this at home?!
p/s getting a milk mustache is uber cool

4. Hotdogs!
Hahaha, who's with me?
I do this when I'm home alone, keke~
And... sometimes I add too much mustard into my mouth.


8 August 2011

h e l l o

Busy with my finals for the past weeks.
I got tons of stories ready to doodle them out, don't worry, I have jot them down just in case I forget.
Now let me take a break, I have not been sleeping and pimples just won't stop popping out :(

Here are some of my corel painter class assignments.