2 July 2011

the shit is for bananas. B . A . N . A . N . A . S !

True story: I didn't realized I typed "BABANAS" at my title bar until my housemate read out loud to me. 

Do you Malaysians updated yourself with the recent news?
Yellow is banned!

Which means...
No roti planta. No curry.
No cheese. (err.. only blue cheese is acceptable?)
No egg yolks. (you will be served only with egg-whites at OldTown)
No bananas. (no~ this time i did not type BABANAS)
No Twisties, Mamee and potato chips.
No Spongebob Squarepants. (i just changed my phone theme to spongebob!)
No Big Bird from Sesame Street.
No The Simpsons.
No freaking yellow dinosaur from Barney.
No yellow robes. 
No yellow outfits. (but i love my monkey yellow tee!)
No Malaysia football jersey.
No Digi.
No Bumblebee. (transformers must be banned!)
No yellow-skins.
No eggtarts.(only pandan-flavor available, yuck)

Therefore here's a lil warm message to the 'powerful' governmentthem.

yak jiu(canto) = eat bananas 

Bananas are good for health, they bersih your digestive system and makes you poop easier.

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