8 July 2011


Alright I gotta barf the shit outta me after watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
Watch out for spoilers~ 

1. I don't enjoy the storyline, still the same old- Decepticons(with the most bad-ass weapons and shits) almost win AGAIN but still in the end got punk'd by those average Autobots AGAIN.
However, I do enjoy the CGs, damn they're freaking awesome.

2. Rosie wears white outfits most of the time and her white outfits are always clean & neat, no dirt, no cuts. I love her British accent and her looks but she don't have Megan's temperament and... boobs.

3. Those worn-drilling/ twirling thingys/ warships kinda reminds me of The Matrix Revolutions. I don't know why pun

 4. Bumblebee is only good at fetching people, ya fetch as in 'zap' (canto). He's weak in fighting. boo~

5. When Ken Jeong appeared in the screen, my mind suddenly had the urge to watch Hangover 2.. so freaking bad.

6. The couple sitting behind me are fucking bad parents. Both of their child running back and forth behind my seats row, kicking me and my friend's chairs, and one even fucking pulled my hair during the movie. They don't give a fuck about their children's behavior. LANSI!

7. Bitch who sat beside me can't stop giving comments on every scene. I hate her 'heeheeharhar~'. She can't understand much the movie, and kept kacau her friends to explain to her. 

8. There's even a slow-motion-scene for Rosie in the end which is very very very unnecessary. = =

9. In the end, the world is actually saved by two little Autobots. Whatthefuck.

10.  Decepticons go Jamaica style with dreadlocks, lol. *sings reggae* 

Erm.. I think that's all folks. Just crapping.


  1. the very reason I've never watched any of the Transformers... knew I wouldn't like it from the Trailer itself

  2. Transformers?! haven't watch,leave some foot step here :D

  3. @pou leen
    but this kind of 'big-hit-movie' i can't resist not to go to the cinema watch it, haha~

    lol, go mamak stalls with tv projector :D


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