19 July 2011

After 5 Uptown Cafe

 Seremban is quite a boring place, there's not much entertainment here, but thank goodness there are places like S2 Uptown Avenue and Era Walk.

That night after that crazy Jusco sales, me and my girls found a new hangout place- After 5 Uptown Cafe. Actually this cafe is not new, it was closed previously for renovation and now they are opened for business again. Yay? :)
However, I didn't visit this cafe before so I don't know what are the big differences in their new concept or yadayada. 

While we are browsing through the menu, there are lotsa desserts and drinks(whoopeedoo!), but not much snacks and main course. By the way, if HK's maggimarket (马仔) founds out herself at this menu front page, I bet she will get pissed off and sue the crap outta this cafe, seriously. 
the third from left- maggiemarket

Lala Soup Noodles
 My friend ordered this, she likes it and commented 'superb' on it. 

Soup Noodles with Kimchi & Chicken Chop
(i don't remember the name of the dish, i cincai named it lol)

Chicken Chop Rice (black pepper / tomato sauce)
Actually nothing special about this dish, but the proportion is quite big. Even though I'm extremely hungry that night, I seriously can't finish this(noooo... impossible!). But I still managed to force myself finish it, I never waste food and if I do, I will feel guilty for myself. Oh ya, I like the rice, it's so soft and fluffy in my mouth~  

Lastly, what I've been anticipated that night...

Desserts! ❤ 

Milk Pudding
The palm sugar and coconut milk are underneath the pudding and when I insert a spoonful of pudding into my mouth, I was in heavennnn~ 

 Mango Hello Kitty Pudding Sago...
(i don't remember the name of the dish, i cincai named it lol)
Hello Kitty fans will definitely love this cafe, they serve a selections of Hello Kitty dessert.
But... So-so~

Overall, I like this cafe. The price is alright i guess, serving proportion quite big. But beware! It gets crowded and packed during busy hours, especially in the nights.

After 5 Uptown Cafe
298, Jalan S2 B13,
Seksyen B, Uptown Avenue,
Seremban 2,
70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

Tel: 06-6017947
Business Hours: Tues-Sun (5pm - 1am)


  1. The noodles... look a lot like instant noodles, and I love instant noodles... *hungry*

  2. ain't all the restaurants serve with instant noodles? haha


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