4 June 2011

AV lol

I really have no idea what to blog, so I'll blog something ham sap.
This is a short conversation between me and my mates about porn videos.
*i even drew a pic for u guys to fantasize~*

I think this was thursday and we were on the way to pasar malam. We discussing everything, craps, art, nude, sex, aesthetics of body blablabla~
Suddenly the guys asked 'have you ever watched AV?'

Of course I got watch la, I also even watched, ok not watched but peeped at the most gross porn video- 2girls1cup.
Holy shit, that's a really gross long video, I dare you to watch it -___-

But, I lied to them and told them I never watch a single porn video before and I even wanted them to explain what japanese porn videos are like.
They looked at me with WTF faces and my guy also look dumbfounded.
Then, they willing to explain without hesitation, lol...
sei ham sap lous!

A: "Japs yell 'itai itai~ da me, da me~ kimochiii~' with innocent pain but slutty faces."

B: "The westerners yell ferociously F. ME! F. ME HARD BABEHHH! Oohhh~ OOH! YESSSSS!!!!"

me: "Then? What about us? Malaysians?"

C: "Abang! Abang! Sakitnya! Aduiii~ Cucuk(fuck/ insert dick) saya! YAYA! YAAAA!!!"

LOL-ed so hard at the word 'cucuk', and then later on each of us tries to think the proper malay word for fuck.

don't be so sensitive aye?
just a joke.



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