26 June 2011



Tees or shirts which comes with a POCKET!

About the doodle pic... I know it's quite annoying with the 'design by' and the copyright 'C', people such as great designers or whoever it is might think I'm quite overrated like "who the hell are you to place a copyright C into your pics. you're not that famous, why do you need it for?"
Honestly, I may not be the best designer or artist, but I really dislike copycats, I HATE people snatching them away without P.E.R.M.I.S.S.I.O.N at all. 
You think it's easy to draw? HELL NO

My doodles cost me PASSION and skills.

P/S i don't add watermarks to my doodles coz they are ugly 

Oops, off topic in the beginning already. lol
Anyways, back to the topic....

 I like to insert everything into my pants pockets or right into my bag.
If I have any li li zap zap stuffs, I'll just straight away insert to my pants pockets, but it's always not enough and if my pants pockets are too heavy, my pants will keep hanging off my ass and that's very bothersome.
I always get teased by my mates like this, "rray, today you are wearing red panties ar?"

Therefore, a tee pocket is a great addition space for the lil stuffs like money and cards. 
You don't have to search throughout the bag for a freaking card and also prevent pickpockets from stealing your money. If they dare to steal to from your tee pocket, sue them for sexual harassment. 
oh yeahhh~ double trouble!
Olive sings: I got a. I got a. I got a. I got a pocket, pocket full of. I got a pocket... LOL!
from Easy A

On the other side... 

especially BIRKENSTOCK!!!


21 June 2011

Papa, My Man!

He asks, "Can u treat me an ice-cream?"
Me answers gladly, "Sure!"
Me and my family went for a movie in Jusco which is X-Men First Class. Woots!
Did you know that Havoc is Cyclops's bro and Juggernaut is Professor X's bro too?
My dad told me that, he's a real Marvel and DC fan! He owns a big collection of old school comics in his studyroom. *prouds*
After the movie, we went straight to Lukut for seafood! onomnom...

Seriously, everywhere is crowded!

That's what we did on Fathers Day.
But I still have a big surprise for him and my mom, also my grandmother. It's kinda like a thanksgiving day haha.


20 June 2011

Fucking Furious

Words really can't describe how furious and mad I am now.
I tried twitting and plurking like fucking mad but it didn't calm me down.
So I try to do some fast and simple doodles and blog about WHAT I WISH/ WANNA DO WHEN I'M UPSET/ FURIOUS/ MAD/ INSERT YOUR OWN CAPTION.

Fuck yeah, I will buy thousands of donuts from Krispy Kreme or J.Co Donuts and eat until my stomach bloats out or I can't stuff any donuts into my stomach anymore or until I puke.
P/S cinammon buns/ rolls and pretzels works for me too. 

2. PUNCH!!!
I always wish to have a punch-bag so that I can punch and release some anger.
In the meantime, I can start boxing as my 24hour-indoor-hobby too, good way to build up some dope muscles and shed off some mfk-ing fats!
Plus, I don't have to wear shoes.


I always adore + love short hairs!
I swear I complain a lot about my hair when the weather is fucking hot. Yeah, hot weathers piss me off.
And usually when I am angry, my head turns hot and tying my hair won't help much, so I think that cutting my hair short is the best solution to clear off that anger. 
But, I'm trying to grow my hair long for the second time now.
If my hair length reaches my boobs, then only I will cut my hair.


Need I say more?
Water cools you off, that's a fact right? lol

Ah.. Most of the ladies love to do this when they are upset. (admit it, haha)
I am not that rich to do this, which means it's time for me to find a new boyfriend who is filthy rich, allows me swap his credit cards everyday! LOL~


I swear the fuck outta your motherfucking shits.
But not here. 
tee hee~


I have no idea why this shit can ease my mind.

ok, doodling sure is fun!


18 June 2011


Short update.
I had painter test today! Qi gik ooo~ 
The lecturer showed us the colored version of this image and the whole class have to memorize the colors for 5 minutes

Ermm... So this is what I remembered and painted so far...
Speed paint within 3 hours... 
It's very obvious that I rushed for the last-minute-pass-up-time, if you view carefully the area of sea water.

yeah, my sem-break holiday just started.
but no time to enjoy or play coz i have to finish my assignments!


15 June 2011

What We Saw 11.6.11

Something that caught our eye.
It was so annoying that we can't ignore it.


It was a lala-orange/ very neon-orange car.
Sorry, I can't find the right color from the color wheel(yeah, i sucks).
So try to imagine the car's color by taking out a stabilo orange highlight pen
Yeah, it's that lala-orange

sorry, this is a very rushing doodle-post.

p/s reddit style! fffffuuuuuu


11 June 2011

A New Library+Shop!

Please visit the grand opening of Bok Tjuv in 12 JUNE 2011!
Sunday 12pm - 9pm
Address: 30, Block B, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Kota Damansara

You will meet awesome handmade artists like Minifanfan, Reverse_Ong and some more!
So do stop by since it's SUNDAYYY~
See you soon!


4 June 2011

AV lol

I really have no idea what to blog, so I'll blog something ham sap.
This is a short conversation between me and my mates about porn videos.
*i even drew a pic for u guys to fantasize~*

I think this was thursday and we were on the way to pasar malam. We discussing everything, craps, art, nude, sex, aesthetics of body blablabla~
Suddenly the guys asked 'have you ever watched AV?'

Of course I got watch la, I also even watched, ok not watched but peeped at the most gross porn video- 2girls1cup.
Holy shit, that's a really gross long video, I dare you to watch it -___-

But, I lied to them and told them I never watch a single porn video before and I even wanted them to explain what japanese porn videos are like.
They looked at me with WTF faces and my guy also look dumbfounded.
Then, they willing to explain without hesitation, lol...
sei ham sap lous!

A: "Japs yell 'itai itai~ da me, da me~ kimochiii~' with innocent pain but slutty faces."

B: "The westerners yell ferociously F. ME! F. ME HARD BABEHHH! Oohhh~ OOH! YESSSSS!!!!"

me: "Then? What about us? Malaysians?"

C: "Abang! Abang! Sakitnya! Aduiii~ Cucuk(fuck/ insert dick) saya! YAYA! YAAAA!!!"

LOL-ed so hard at the word 'cucuk', and then later on each of us tries to think the proper malay word for fuck.

don't be so sensitive aye?
just a joke.