27 May 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do?

This is dedicated to all the people who are living at the hostels or outsides...

I'm still a student who is studying in KL, my hometown is S'ban. My classes are 5 days only and I return back to my hometown at every weekends. You must be thinking "wah, rich o! travel back and forth!"
Trust me, I don't want to, but my parents insist so I don't have any choices, unless I REALLY have to, like assignments rushing or meetings or events.

Since I can return back to my hometown easily, I don't bring my whole wardrobe up to KL, I leave some clothings and undergarments at my hometown.
Talking about undergarments, I just bring a few sets up to KL.

And something bad happens one day...

I didn't manage to do my laundry earlier, and I don't have any spare dry clean panties to wear for class.
So what to do?

Thank goodness I have my swimsuit!
My swimsuit is a two-piece. Since I'm still wearing a clean bra, I took the bottom only and wore it as a underwear.

For girls, bikini or one-piece swimsuit will do.
For guys, swimming trunks/ shorts or bodysuit(hey~ all the single ladies, all the single ladies~) or speedos.


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