28 May 2011


Say hi to my new handmade laptop bag- Minnie!


Anyone is interested in ordering one handmade laptop bag?
For more details, e-mail me:

You tell me your laptop's measurements and what you want specifically for your laptop bag design, and Audrey will do the magic!

Thank you and good night

P/S Audrey does iPhone pouch too. Completely handmade!


27 May 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do?

This is dedicated to all the people who are living at the hostels or outsides...

I'm still a student who is studying in KL, my hometown is S'ban. My classes are 5 days only and I return back to my hometown at every weekends. You must be thinking "wah, rich o! travel back and forth!"
Trust me, I don't want to, but my parents insist so I don't have any choices, unless I REALLY have to, like assignments rushing or meetings or events.

Since I can return back to my hometown easily, I don't bring my whole wardrobe up to KL, I leave some clothings and undergarments at my hometown.
Talking about undergarments, I just bring a few sets up to KL.

And something bad happens one day...

I didn't manage to do my laundry earlier, and I don't have any spare dry clean panties to wear for class.
So what to do?

Thank goodness I have my swimsuit!
My swimsuit is a two-piece. Since I'm still wearing a clean bra, I took the bottom only and wore it as a underwear.

For girls, bikini or one-piece swimsuit will do.
For guys, swimming trunks/ shorts or bodysuit(hey~ all the single ladies, all the single ladies~) or speedos.



17 May 2011



here's a pic to cheer u up in the morning :)

Bread, the only food you can eat when you're poor, when you're sick, when you're a bit hungry...
I'm kinda like a bread-monster, I can eat it anytime & anywhere.
For my 3 meals... I can always eat bread, but only if the breads are serve in different ways or they have different flavours or shapes or types or anything.

The most absurd part is I can finish the whole baguette in 1 day or even in a few hours.

Thus, being a bread-monster is awesome!
I can survive longer, live well and complain less about not eating well at foreign countries.
(coz I heard they don't eat much rice there)

P/S i like burnt toast coz it's crispier.


16 May 2011

I dislike modern horror movies

I have a confession to make..
It's about my bad habit in the cinemas, it will drive people nuts and mad.

So it goes like this:
Last few weeks, I went to the cinemas and there was nothing much movies to pick, so someone that day who is a Fukien and lives almost near to Singapore, chose Ghost Must Be Crazy.
Yes, a comedy + horror movie from Singapore.

So I think it's a lame movie, it's actually not scary but it's scary because of the freaking big screen and the freaking loud speakers!

About horror movies, they always will have a sudden silent scene and then suddenly pops out muthafarking ghost with those eerie loud sound effects or music like YIIIII!!!! DENGGG!!! QIANGGGGG!!!
ohmeh... really hate those lar!
(adui.. lame + coward me)

Anyways, as I was slurpping my drink...

THAT scene...
*please count those dots*

*actually i feel like saying 'pop! goes the weasel~*

And me got freaked out, SLURPPPPPPPPPPPP my drink loudly until my little heart calms down.
People were watching at us, no, ME!
It was awkward and embarrassing in the end of the show coz when the lights were turn back on, people tried to take a look who's that noisy fella.

Anyway, I had watched Priest and the same case happened. :(
I was munching popcorn and suddenly THOSE goddamnit scenes came again!
I choked myself and almost yelled 'fark'.
As I was coughing non-stop and beating my chest, the couple who sat in front of me, got irritated and keep on turning his head back to give me the grumpy face.

ohmeh... awkward!

Next time, don't eat or drink when you know THOSE scenes are coming.
Coz you're gonna choke yourself.

by the way, Priest sucks!
if u think Legion sucks big time, don't waste your money on this movie, coz they're the same director.


11 May 2011


Just finished my corel painting assignment, gonna go sleep now.



7 May 2011

new URL

shit. i. lost. all. my. blog. links.

oh. well. i have. to. start. from. zero. again.

link. me. back. doods.

sirei/rei. is. out.

xu. xu. moi. is. in.



I was trying to use my guy's phone to blog but...
F A I L !
No response when I try to select files from the phone's gallery.

Meh... I'll use back the computer to blog.
Easy and fast.

So here's a few jumping pics at Sepang Goldcoast's beach.
No. I didn't stay for a night or two at there.
Since the tides had ebbed, we feel like we had walked almost to the center of the sea.
The beach water is quite clean and clear but no ocean green color, at least it is cleaner than PD's beaches.
But still, I spotted 1 dirty baby pampers lying on the sand beach there. Fuck the brainless parents. I think they should forbid camping at the beach as there will always be rubbish!

ohmeh~ My guy can jump high! *screams*

Guys can't be praised, you know what happened after praising my guy?
He keeps jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping... and then keep on calling me to take a pic of him this, take a pic of him that...
If I refuse to take a pic of him jumping, he will annoy me like begging like a kid when his mom won't buy the toy for him or like keep on repeating calling me like that freaking annoying orange from youtube.


*take take take*
Actually there are a lot of pictures of him jumping in his phone gallery, but I just upload the best ones only.
Look at him, shhho happy at jumping.

Me- the short fella can't jump high and got teased by him. Hmph!
I'm 155cm by the way, but I think I shrinked a bit these years, haha.

See, the only way to jump higher is to crouch all the way to the ground, muster all the energy to ya body!
But still, in the end...
In conclusion, short fella really can't jump high.... and got teased again.
Ok lar, I admit it's because of my weight haha.

Lastly, spinning shots of him.

lol, macam shuffling.