10 April 2011


Lol, that's what you get if you use google translate to translate '玉米烫'
c o r n - h o t
Ohmeh... wtf!

So, it's actually called twist perm and my guy did this to his hair.
He showed to me last week and I have to give some compliments or else he will get emo again because he thinks he's going bald. Actually, I like it coz this twist perm thingy really add some volumes to his hair, which means no more oily hair and more hair for him. whoopdeedoo~
It's really bushy when he ties his hair ponytail style. I just can't help toying his bushy ponytail!

SO... I was wondering if I straight away cut off his ponytail, what can I do with it...
Oh yeah! I can haz pom-poms!
Cheerleading time! whoopwhoop!
Maybe my cat will love to play with it if I turn his hair into a toy! Save money pun, no need pay for those ridiculous price!
Here miao miao~ bushy bushy~ *baby talk wtf*
And most of all, my weird hobby... wear it as a mustache.
So bushy and macho that all the girls will fall for me. Guys will even envy my machoness!


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