28 March 2011

Y E S !

March is ending soon and March is a very good month for me.
I live and do my best day by day.

I earned some ka-chings in this month through joining bazaars and sell my handmade stuffs and worked at big event(RM5XX for 1 night, thanks to my lecturer who introduced me).

I even get a chance to participate an exhibition with my seniors and juniors. This is what I wanted for so long after a lady advised us young students should join more exhibition whenever there's always a good opportunity and I thank her, my lecturer and my seniors.
*at KAKA bazaar

Things get better when my depression is gone(well, maybe for now, dunno when it will hit back again), I can finish my duties and tasks faster without thinking so much.
So fark you depression!

Our results were out, I always aim for improvement, not for the top student award...
I didn't expect to get a 'Merit'. O m g ~
The first thing I wanna do is shout out and show that result slip to my parents. Meh~ They will receive the letter and let them find out by that letter, hehe.

After receiving some ka-chings, I always wanted a Casio watch for so long!
Thus, I bought myself one, the vintage gold one
My guy pun beli satu.
In case you're wondering where I purchased the Casio watches, visit:
They provide quick and excellent service.
Great day, sunny day, hot weather means a perfect day to go swimming!
Burn fats!!!

Meanwhile, why don't we tune to LMFAO.

Yes it's on and poppin
Yes the party's rockin
Yes the cutie shockin
Yes and there ain't no stoppin



  1. good job on the bazaar! 1st wish pls visit back^^ 2nd pls vote for me here http://goo.gl/D4Q03 3rd tell ppl to vote for me lols...trying my luck ;p

  2. LuxerWatches is selling authentic luxury brand watches, with some watches selling at a LARGE discount.


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