21 March 2011

Genting Old Town

Remember the post where we went to 1U after having tea time?

Ok, so after leaving 1U that day, Yxhin suddenly suggest that we go to Genting at midnight. And because she's the upcoming birthday queen who will throw an early 21st birthday party(she's actually 20years old this year, but most of us won't make it to her birthday party next year as we're gonna graduate at next year's Feb) at April... We all have to agree, cannot deny pun coz she will use hakka to rebuke us. lol.

Actually Bear at the last minute wanna cancel it but thank god Audrey was the earliest one waiting at the condo pool and gave him the sad and puppy eyes that he sure cannot resist.

Besides the theme park and casinos, do you know what else is Genting famous of?
AiShen always get asked by pimps whether he needs it or not, so we ordered him to leave our group and walk in front of us to demonstrate a ask-by-a-pimp-show.
Unfortunately, he was shy that night, wtf! Real disappointment for us, lol.

Aiyar, teenagers or youngsters like us don't like to sleep early after we had assignment rushing experiences. And we L O V E yum cha so much!
So why go to Genting?
To yum cha, to bullshit and crapping non-stop, to catch a chill, to enjoy some cold weather blablabla....

Damn it, we always get hungry at midnights so we go to Old Town makan!
After a few times dining at Old Town, they always give me the same bad impression- poor service. But... OMG, Genting Old Town's service UBER NICE compared to other shitty ones(including my hometown)! Plus, the workers there are mostly foreigners, so M'sia workers have to introspect more.

french fries onomnomnom~
cheng cheng~ the bithday queen... soon

These 2 still look like brothers because of that stupid long hair.

sap kau~
*haha, if u watched a facebook video about a guy who is acting as a prostitute at the shell station, then u know what i mean, lol

this will make a good profile pic for Audrey. harhar!

Bai never stops to act crazy. He's farking high that whole day.
Haha, look at Yxhin's face expression macam "oo lin lor! Bai's gonna do something stupid again."

And yes, we followed his stupidness and craziness in front of everybody there.

The most recognizable- Bai, with the largest, thickest and sexiest lips.
This reminds me of Miss Piggy, the muppet.
Big smile, big lips. Ohlala~
We called him G-Force because of his hamster teeth.
Shit, I look like one of those raving rabbids. DAHHH!!!
PATTTT Wen who smokes so much and don't brush his teeth in a correct way that his gf has to remind him always.
Bear... no comment

there's part 2!
coming soon!

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