24 January 2011


e 5

Now I can read more and check new vocabularies with the help of dictionary.
Now I can check the latest world news on CNN or BBC .
Now I can surf the net with the wi-fi.
Now I can twit non-stop like a twitter bitch.
Now I can plurk more and stay in touch with my plurkers.
Now I can check my friends status updates with facebook.
Now I can type faster with the qwerty keyboard.
Now I can check new places & locate myself with ovi maps.
Now I can listen to my fav music with my music player while I'm painting.
(which i like the bass)
Now I can take panorama pictures with the camera.
(i love the color mode, so pale, so gray-ish, so vintagey)
Now I can record silly moments of my mates.

So much loves in this black fella.
Thank you very much to my parents who are quite worried of my old phone will broke down someday and can't contact me and starting to think that I'm tipsy or blablabla...

I'll cherish this phone very much.
Total cost: Money and love.

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  1. Your this phone looks abit like my blackberry bold 2 =p


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