30 January 2011

red hair

CNY is near!
I finally dye my hair R E D

W i s h c o m e s t r u e !


24 January 2011


e 5

Now I can read more and check new vocabularies with the help of dictionary.
Now I can check the latest world news on CNN or BBC .
Now I can surf the net with the wi-fi.
Now I can twit non-stop like a twitter bitch.
Now I can plurk more and stay in touch with my plurkers.
Now I can check my friends status updates with facebook.
Now I can type faster with the qwerty keyboard.
Now I can check new places & locate myself with ovi maps.
Now I can listen to my fav music with my music player while I'm painting.
(which i like the bass)
Now I can take panorama pictures with the camera.
(i love the color mode, so pale, so gray-ish, so vintagey)
Now I can record silly moments of my mates.

So much loves in this black fella.
Thank you very much to my parents who are quite worried of my old phone will broke down someday and can't contact me and starting to think that I'm tipsy or blablabla...

I'll cherish this phone very much.
Total cost: Money and love.


19 January 2011

Creative sia...

my dad picked up this brochure a few weeks ago.
and to my surprise...

sorry for not covering up the number, but it's so attractive which means covering up the number will make it less attractive :D

first of all...
do you guys know what is this?

it's actually a brochure from those dai ee loong a.k.a. loan shark

shocking right?!

all the time we saw are only big fonts on a piece of A4 paper. totally black and white only.
but this one is damn creative.

i don't work for them
i just wanna share out how attractive this brochure only is


16 January 2011


i've been wrapping wantons all day.

oh boy, i hate it when my nose tingles while i'm chewing my food.
big big trouble





12 January 2011


i love cadbury chocolates.
i will only eat those which are made in australia.

i love duty free shops!


M . I . A .

trust me, i have a lot to update for my blog.
but now is not the right time yet.

i need to finish my oil paintings, reading reports, printmaking projects, reports again...
all before chinese new year.
A . S. A . P .
so that means no time to procrastinate.
no time to sleep more than 5 hours.
no time for tetris battle. lol.

i'll be back at march.

so these are coming soon:

my new year + birthday presents

new phone

bangkok & pattaya trip

chinese new year happenings


someone is leaving


and so much more.

bye bye.
i'm gonna be away for a while.


1 January 2011

Happy 2011!

hello hello!
ui ui ui~
hey hey hey~~
yup i'm high!
just a quick update before i go to bed.
oh gosh, i hope no hangovers!

so... i'm back from the mist club.
didn't get tipsy, drunk, puked, spiked etc etc etc
coz i control well on how much i can drink.
(actually it's because the alcohol drinks don't have the flavors i want.)
ok, i did get drunk in the beginning but then after some booty shakings, i'm damn alright.

fuck those high heels

that's all, bye!
morning and happy 2011!