6 December 2010

Short Update

fat cat tummy

what a busy week!
just finished selling my stuffs at Kaka bazaar.

i kinda miss my f a m i l y...

i'm very sorry for calling most of the time just to remind you to give me my allowance, i didn't mean to make you disappointed...
i know i'm useless, taking money from my parents.
but i'm trying to: do more part-time jobs(real hard work! not always available. i'm working in a factory for shopping malls big decorations), create more handmade crafts to sell, blog more just to earn a bit more and skip meals.
nevertheless, the earnings i received must always spent on art materials(or else how can i paint?) & pay the bills.
i don't make much phone calls to my parents because i don't want them to worry about me and to show that i can be independent.

i always sleep at the late nights just to finish my works.
these days, fatigue just fucked up my emotions and my temper.

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