27 December 2010


Finally! Me and my guy get to dine at Dome just this evening.
We have been waiting this moment to come!
It's like whenever we look at this voucher, we just can't stop drooling!
Seriously, our voucher is wet, always, even the workers have no idea why it's wet.

Ok, enough crapping and straight to point.
What we ordered, ate, swallowed, drank, munched, bit & gobbled:

1. Apple Crush
I have no idea what apples they used, it is so sweet and unforgettable!
Most of all, it's mixed with honey. Perfect combination.
*i'm a big fan of apples*

2. Fish & Chips
For my guy~
The fish fillets, so far, are my favorite compare to the other restaurants or cafes. It's crispy~
As for the chips, they are a bit saggy, not crispy enough and they don't have the golden-yellow-brownish look.

3. Catch Of The Day
This dish is unforgettable!
The buttered rice and most of all, the sauce, are aromatic and full of flavors.
Not to mention, the fish and the prawns are quite fresh too.
So thumbs up for this!

4. Profiteroles
I was like 'wtf?!'
There's only titsy bitsy of cream inside the pastry balls. It's like the chef was too busy that he forgot to squeeze the cream into em.
Looks very nice on the outside but inside very very disappointing.
I feel tricked by this dessert.

Overall, good dining experience at Dome.
once again, thanks to hitomi!

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  1. The food makes me hungry >_< The fish & chip looks awesome.


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