25 December 2010

Belated Birthday Post #2

Ok, I took a lot of time to decide whether to post this or not due to some reasons.

The 4th floor chee sengs were the first ones who celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago.
I was expecting surprises or pranks from them but it turns out that it's deadline week so no one is free to plan one for me or they are afraid of me, the major birthday prankster. So forgivable, haha.
At least they treat me Domino's Pizza for dinner! :D
Love it! Every choices they made for the pizzas are my favorite.
So after having a pizza feast, they started to do a photoshoot.
The theme- gigolo shop / sex shop

And my guy turns out to be the gigolo. lmao

awkward! lol

the 4th floor's december babies

There are more photos for that day but some are a bit too exaggerated so I won't post them out.
After the photoshoot ends, I play with my guy's long eyelashes.
Holy shit, they are longer than mine. *sob sob*
ta-dah my gigolo!
shit, he's prettier than me :(


  1. HAHA I thought you meant the real gigolo shop lol

  2. hi there, I have followed you and I hope you could follow me also. :D

  3. if ur guy shaved, i might thought he's a she -_-"

  4. hhahhaha. LMAO. the gigolo theme photoshooting xD cute!

  5. lolx. u must show me more photos!!

  6. @theeggyolks

    hehheh~ thanks!
    want his number? he will attend your b'day parties, haha juz jokin~ he's mine XD

    no cannot~~~
    private & confidential lolz


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