25 December 2010

Belated Birthday Post #1

Last Tuesday's date
e v o n

moi ini banyak sot, tetapi saya suka~

I thought I never have the chance to meet her in person due to our different schedules.
But finally we met! yeah!

Quite awkward for the first date with my first blogger.
Didn't expect her work ends early and I was awfully late for hours!
So sorry...
Quickly, I buy her another cup of chatime, which was her 2nd cup already.
Oh ya, I received a big red pocket(with a birthday card inside!) from her, which is cutely designed and most of all it's...

handmade gifts are always acceptable and cherish-able
i just dislike people buying me gifts which are not my favorite
coz it shows insincerity.

Then after a few rounds of walking around, window shopping and non-stop giggling & chatting, we decided to dine at Ichiban Boshi.
And my guy joined in for the dinner too.
i always do that pose too!
but mostly end up sniffing my hair a bit and chew a bit. lol&gross

unedited pics coz they look so good in true colors!
arghhh! hungry!


evon, u look like a xiu mui mui who just discovered a camera

Ok, filled our stomach up with good food and it's time to walk around again!

By the time we passed by the main entrance, we saw snow!




neh~ That's foam.
I even licked it. yuck!

Ok, playtime's over. No more snow.
Time to move on what I have always wanted to eat- c r e p e s
And NO! It's not like pasar malam's crepes or most of you called it 'ke li bing 可立饼', seriously, chocolate with mayonnaise, peanuts and jam or or even chicken floss?! OMG... How do you guys eat those stuffs?!

Finally the moment I have been waiting for!

Feeling tortured by so many tasty choices...
I wanna try all of them!
But that's impossible and I don't wanna gain so much weight just because of those fucking yummy-looking crepes so... I ordered the one with a piece of choc cake with bananas and cream, damn my guy ate almost the whole piece of choc cake, and left the bananas for me. rawr!!!

Sadly, the time flies by real fast and it was time for us to say goodbye to each other.
We girls just can't stop chatting!

Thank you for the date :)
It's a pleasure to know you

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