20 November 2010

Water Sprayer

And laugh all you want.

Meanwhile, pay back time.

My body was all wet after that.
(seriously, from head to toe, all wet!)
Imagine you have to walk out the college and everyone staring at you.
Embarrassing right?

But he's more embarrassed.
Haha, nipple guy a.k.a. nian nian lou!


  1. his baju must be really thin la right?

  2. Is that a girl or a guy which nipples got revealed ?LOL

  3. @sly
    thanks! :)

    light colored shirts will reveal nipples too! lol

    it's a guy, hahaha!!!

    @teh tarik
    as long it's light colored

  4. LOL nice drawing there.... but nah guys nipples are nothing :p

  5. Okay, I have to admit the drawings are so darn cute! XD

  6. haha, that guy looks like my classmate who wears really think top that is exposed. =.= we call him as 'sexy man'

  7. @simon
    thanks~ :)

    haha, thanks!
    but it's quite embarrassing though XD

    @vin tsen gan
    thank u very much

    no! i will do that more often! lol

    lolwtf!!! XDD
    change his nickname to nian nian lou lar!


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