28 November 2010

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

I woke up this morning and met up with my bro for brunch, after that drove back to S'ban.
So, where did we dine?

I like how they decorate the place there.
It's so comfy and not to mention..
i LOVE the pictures of pigs hanging on the walls! It's so adorable!
(There's the one with the 'OINK', which i love the most lol)
image from BMK's facebook

When you're too hungry, the first thing you must do is to stuff some food into your empty stomach with the side orders!
I'm quite impressed with their menu! Everything just look DELICIOUS!
(not to mention the menu's design is nice too~)
We ordered the 'Dog Food', something we wanna try a long time ago.
(just because of the name, and my sis make fun of it a lot, lol)

This is our favorite dish!
Melted Cheese + Gravy Sauce = great combination!

Bro ordered the Pork Chops With Country Gravy
He said the green peas bring back a lot of good childhood memories. lolwtf
(he doesn't like green peas when he was young)
The thick creamy sauce is really something special, it's no ordinary sauce like the outsides ones.
From the look of outside, I thought the pork chops are thin, but they are not.
I have no comment on the chops but if the food can be chewed, swallowed and digested into my stomach then it's GOODDD~~

Mine: Sloppy Joe
I was disappointed because I ordered the wrong food for myself.
It's quite like a warm comfort food, also gives out a feeling that you're eating mom's cooking.
To be honest, that bowl of ground meat with ketchup just gave me an impression of a can of baked beans. Sorry!

Then it's dessert time!!!
Dessert was quite a headache for us coz both of us were quite troubled on choosing Apple Crumble or Bread Pudding.
We wish to choose the both of them but sadly there's not much space for our stomach.
So in the end, we chose the Apple Crumble!
I tried a few cafe's apple crumble before, they usually serve us fresh apples cut into cube sized and then covered up with the crumbles and milk.
But Betty's apple crumble is definitely different! The apples are kinda like apple pies' inside fillings, kinda like pastes, quite creamy & sticky. Whenever you eat one spoon of apple paste the crumble sure with stick with it.
My bro can't take much of it coz it's a bit too sweet for him, while I finished this with joy.

Overall, I like dining at Betty's.
The price is not too pricey and nice & fast service too.

Look, we even tapao Jucy Lucy for dad.

i just love brown paper wrappings!


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