6 November 2010

3 for Ya!


If you're a fucking-super-duper Uniqlo hard core fan, please leave coz what I typed might be sensitive to you.
Yer! shoo lar!

I went to Uniqlo's opening day with Arson. If you think I'm one of those too free, bai gar lui, then you're wrong! I planned my time, what time arrive what time leave.. I went there early in the morning and left at afternoon for class. Although I was late for class, but I managed to pass up my proposal, and then go collect some plywood & tree branches for my project. harhar~
And yes, calling me chee sin it's alright :)

Not much photos taken that day coz I'm really focusing on shopping only(and my phone is crappy already), especially the UJs and a Mickey Mouse tee. The girls section's Mickey clothes are erm... fugly(sensitive hard core fans! shoo shoo!), the guys section ones are nicer(not only MM, EVA and One Piece too)!!! Unfortunately, S and M sizes all out of stock... Boo! Why guys are so skinny these days?!

In my opinion, there's nothing much to buy if you're only aiming for the promotion price ones. Plus, comparing M'sia Uniqlo with other countries like Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, HK etc, M'sia Uniqlo doesn't have much options to choose(no shoes?!). Last time I went to San Li Tun there, omg.. so many options and more space to walk(yeah I know opening day, can't avoid the crowd) , lol.
You gotta understand this theory:
cheap price--> not so nice clothes
expensive price-->nice and chio ones
The tees, coats, jackets are cheap for now, but I don't wanna bump into people that wears the same outfit. It's kinda awkward, you know? It's acceptable if it's pants coz nobody will slip their hands into your ass and pull out the tag just to check what brand you're wearing or hell, screaming like a psychopath "OMGWTF~ U WEAR UNIQLO TOO? ME TOO WEHHH~~", right?

So... With the help of the RM20 vouchers(oh ya, the voucher system is a bit confusing)! I bought 2 UJs and a cotton shirt~
Sorry, I edited my UJs colors.... for fun :B


This afternoon, I found this oreo container in my popo's fridge.

say bye bye to boring blue wrapping papers
and hello big oreo!


i can has new kitty!

and it's black! finally!

Fat Cat's huge reaction, realizing his position is in threat. LOL!

This tiny little fella is gonna get all our attention!



  1. wow!!!
    u went to uniqlo eh!!!
    envy.. i got no time to go and I afraid those Mickey tees are going to sold out~~~~

  2. Hey I have that Oreo container too!! It's so cute! I loveeeee it ^~^

  3. @lisa
    i think there are still some
    i think lar, haha

    really? congrats then? haha
    where did u get it? :)


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