24 October 2010

penang peranakan mansion

This is where Little Nyonya, The Iron Lady bla bla bla(don't watch much chinese tv series) filmed.

actually i dislike chandeliers. don't know why either, lol

so lucky to have one at my hometown. my mama is a pro tailor!

omg.. i always wanted to try on this thing! look so chio~

you gotta be size 4 or smaller to wear this bitch! haha

dad have this too, but not functioning so he keeps it as a display in our living room.


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  2. i went there before..
    okay only, quite boring.. haha.. worth only 1 visit.. :)

  3. nic post :D I wish I could go there cuz i just love antic stuff.

  4. Cant believe u lor...come penang and didnt find me..Im gonna do a one day penang makan trip soon...woohoo,...

  5. @Mr Lonely
    sure thing dude! :D

    haha, i like there, so many antiques to see
    how i wish it's my mansion lol XD

    GO GO GO!!! :D

    lol, i'm so sorry~ XD
    coz it's a class trip so the time schedule was packed

  6. owh.. coming to Penang? Nice or not? :)

  7. nice~ super nice!
    miss the food there

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Thank you for commenting, now I shall grant you 3 wishes. XD