30 September 2010

I'm Back

I just wanna say

I'm so in love with penang.
Miss everything about there.
the heritage buildings, food, temples, 北海, nyonya, antiques, banana money, crazy drivers, ferry, seafood, cendol, the malls, bazaar, fun...
Especially the FOOD!!! They're so friggin cheap and delicious!!!
price range: rm2.50-rm6.00
the most expensive i had is rm4.00, u say cheap mou??

Mana lu boleh find that in KL?!
even my hometown pun tak ada
sobs sobs

P/S i'm actually back at monday but my internet line is fucked up


21 September 2010

Pudu Street Installation Art

they're so colorful that
every passer-by wants to grab and feel.


20 September 2010

Short Genting Trip

Went to Genting to chui chui fong, take photos, drink awful Starbucks, bitchin here and there, jumping around and then return back to Wangsa.

best edited, look at the colors!

lol, the "brothers"

what a small small world~ we bumped into meh meh while arrived at there.

lol, i can't think any funny caption now about these two!

awfully starbucks

meh meh & wimay

haha, we're starting to shiver after drinking those starbucks. cold

polaroid is ,seriously! i'm gonna get another model for myself after my birthday! december please come to me FAST!

that's all folks!


19 September 2010

Hi. I'm Tired

Just came back from this event


Before the moon walk, I joined the Pudu Bazaar.
Sold some of my friends and my artworks. Not bad.
This red polka dot fella had me wondering all time whether I should buy him or not.
My guy solved my problem.
He took out the money and pay for it.
Yes, he bought it for me.

the part i love the most is this cute button!

camwhore time!

gonna run through some photos and post about them
stay tuned!


14 September 2010

Pants, pants baby!

can't touch this!
deh deh deh deh deh deh deh deh~~
my pants are too hot for ya babe!
next time think before you pull my pants up again!
that hair-bow-tied-person is a guy

not a girl.
and for illustration purpose,

we are hideous.

we don't own fair and white skin.


10 September 2010


family is always important to me


6 September 2010

monday is shit

i woke 9am this morning,
class starts at 10am,
my adrenaline is rushing and i got up real quick like that *snaps*

my phone squeaked,
i received a sms from my dad.
yes, she left this world and us this morning.
suddenly monday blues hit me
and i don't feel like going to class today.

i was bothered by decisions
whether to go to class or to go to her funeral today or tomorrow.
then the nauseous feeling comes again.

i promise i'll go to the funeral tomorrow after class.

may you rest in peace.
hope you meet ma ma there and you two can enjoy a game of mahjong there.

crap, bloody monday!
it's so pain!
i need chocolates, blankets and punches to my lower stomach.


5 September 2010

my head is so heavy now.

went to visit a relative at the hospital back at my hometown.
i was doing a bit too much thinking...
about my life, about her, what will happen to her, the future, the move on, my death, my suicide i did while i was form3 and more, so much more.

then comes the heavy headache and nauseous feeling.
i feel i wanna puke at there.

i dunno why i'm thinking so much,
i mean,
i'm ready if she leaves us.

but it's so suffering to watch her like that.
she is gasping for air so hard.
she is awfully thin.
she is losing all her strength and energy.
she is unconscious.

she can't hear us.
i wish she could hear us, we told her to get well soon and we're gonna eat dim sum together again, or maybe for the last time.
yeah.. the last dim sum!

i think i need some rest...
i hope i still can wake up.
coz that's the everyday-blessing to me
to show that i'm still alive.


2 September 2010

*click click*

my guy 'click click' the lighter in front of the camera