15 August 2010


living at the outside, sharing a place with different people.
the person i hate the most is the one who won't clean up AT ALL.

there's one in my place now.
sharing a room with me tim!
i would fucking stab her if i'm allowed to do so.

you're a lady for fuck sake!
clean up for yourself!
don't always leave the fucking nasty burden for us to clean up, we're not your maids!
(well, if only you pay us. tee hee)

we warn you a lot of times, but you're such a big fat dumbo.
masuk kiri~ keluar kanan~

oh yeah, i know i'm shairng my streamyx line with you.
but please be a bit more considerate lar!
2M is already slow for 5 persons.
and i need to find reference with the line, so do others.
SO please use the PPS in the right time! (and focus more on your studies ler!)
don't make me/ us kick you out (if you've read the contract, but i guess u don't bother at all)

plus, you're such a coward.
if you dislike my guy entering the room,
why not tell me right in front of my fucking face?
why tell your mom, then mom tells the landlady, then landlady tells me.
let the world know already lor!
u dai sai lor!

well at least i fixed my mistake by forbidding my guy enter my room.

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