23 June 2010

Wreck In Pieces

hang tuah jail(some say it's pudu jail), you're a heritage to our country.
it's just that the fools of malaysia don't know how to appreciate you.
may you wreck in pieces.
we love you.

photo credits to my guy,
editted by me.
(the power of love! lol)
he and his gang paid RM30(kopi duit he said) for a tour to inside the jail a few weeks ago.

P/S they don't feel comfortable inside
how spooky is that


  1. Never been in there. It looks different from the flaked, forest-y murals surrounding the outer walls. You managed to capture the cold and lonely atmosphere but at the same time there's a warmth. Very interesting. :D

  2. hi rei...drops some comment too on my blog,,hehe...

  3. @Joyce C.
    thanks a lot :D

    haha, u thought there will be thai ghost appearing in there? choi choi~ XD

  4. dear~
    nice photoshoot and editing wor!!!
    can't wait to see more pics from u!!!

  5. rei,,,watch my new home made video...
    break ur heart~taio cruz...
    check it out k...

  6. Love the pictures ! I guess pictures would be the only thing left :( Its seriously sad to see such an old building being demolished.

  7. When it's there, we never bother about it~ When it's gone, we miss it dearly. I always feel eerie and nostalgic whenever i see the Pudu Jail. I guess i'll miss it even more every time i stuck in the jam towards Times Square now that it's no longer there.

  8. @lisa
    thank you so much girl! u gave me some motivation! :D

    yup, real sad :(

    true true...even passer-bys gonna feel empty without it.

  9. all thanks to the corrupt money hungry people with no sense of appreciation D=<

  10. i hate them.. read some of the facts here


  11. I rather suicide than got stuck inside this place.

  12. need pay b4 u go in one?
    i thought they sudah break those buildings down..
    now stil got?

  13. oops! sorry for late reply~

    a lot complained tht this place is haunted. idk~

    thanks!!! love yrs too~

    duit kopi mer~
    now don't have ba... i only know some parts are still there, but can't see from outside since we aren't allow to enter anymore


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