2 April 2010

April's Fools

What happened...

Yar(it's me, only reversed-spelling): hey, is dai gar jie not gonna continue or issit an april fool's joke?
The A: Not sure... *kalalalalalala* forgotten message
Yar: god... i hate being the fool of april's fools but i love fooling ppl... damn...
The A: damn yourself = =
Yar: u're not foolin me rite? :(
The A: u think i will fool u? i scare u fool me only =X
Yar: 互相怕怕~ ^^ (means: scared of each other)
The A: 所以还是躲家里比较安全 XD (means: that's why stayin in the house is better)


LOLed at the punching conversation... XD
Kay is annoyed by Tutu while she's working.

nothing special but april's fools to you! fool!

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