16 February 2010


Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you and me~

I had abandoned my blog for a long time due to rushing my finals.
The last few weeks were stressful but happy...

I am glad that I got my scholarship(my batch was the last batch to be approve) but keeping the scholarship for 5 semesters is quite difficult.
I hope I won't be a jackass and make any mistakes to piss the head. lol
I'm so stressed at keeping up my standards and fulfill the lecturers' needs.

So 1 week of CNY holidays let me rest well.
Catch up my breath first.



  1. Happy Lunar New Year!
    And congratulation on getting scholarship!
    (you must be very good)

  2. tats oil painting? so nice leh..
    i love it so much..i love naked too..lol
    congrats to me n u too~get scholarship..=)

  3. @PCK
    haha, not really... i don't know.. errr :P

    yeah yeah~~~ congrats to you and me hoho ^^


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