28 February 2010

打架鱼 Fighting Fish

When it comes to FISH, all I know is to EAT.

Tutu just bought a fighting fish from the school's jumbo night sale.

I just can't stop viewing its tail, so chio~


23 February 2010

Assignment- Idyllic Garden/ Catelina Style

New post!

Show you guys another one of my digital art assignments~
3 options were given to us- chinese, indian or malay

Since many mates chose to draw Chinese, I chose to draw Indian.
Plus, I don't wanna be 'angered' by the color RED!

This is the fun part: print it on the tee by using the silkscreen method.

P/S we printed postcard version too. unfortunately, i gave the extras to my friends.


16 February 2010


Gong Hei Fatt Choi to you and me~

I had abandoned my blog for a long time due to rushing my finals.
The last few weeks were stressful but happy...

I am glad that I got my scholarship(my batch was the last batch to be approve) but keeping the scholarship for 5 semesters is quite difficult.
I hope I won't be a jackass and make any mistakes to piss the head. lol
I'm so stressed at keeping up my standards and fulfill the lecturers' needs.

So 1 week of CNY holidays let me rest well.
Catch up my breath first.