27 December 2010


Finally! Me and my guy get to dine at Dome just this evening.
We have been waiting this moment to come!
It's like whenever we look at this voucher, we just can't stop drooling!
Seriously, our voucher is wet, always, even the workers have no idea why it's wet.

Ok, enough crapping and straight to point.
What we ordered, ate, swallowed, drank, munched, bit & gobbled:

1. Apple Crush
I have no idea what apples they used, it is so sweet and unforgettable!
Most of all, it's mixed with honey. Perfect combination.
*i'm a big fan of apples*

2. Fish & Chips
For my guy~
The fish fillets, so far, are my favorite compare to the other restaurants or cafes. It's crispy~
As for the chips, they are a bit saggy, not crispy enough and they don't have the golden-yellow-brownish look.

3. Catch Of The Day
This dish is unforgettable!
The buttered rice and most of all, the sauce, are aromatic and full of flavors.
Not to mention, the fish and the prawns are quite fresh too.
So thumbs up for this!

4. Profiteroles
I was like 'wtf?!'
There's only titsy bitsy of cream inside the pastry balls. It's like the chef was too busy that he forgot to squeeze the cream into em.
Looks very nice on the outside but inside very very disappointing.
I feel tricked by this dessert.

Overall, good dining experience at Dome.
once again, thanks to hitomi!


25 December 2010

Belated Birthday Post #2

Ok, I took a lot of time to decide whether to post this or not due to some reasons.

The 4th floor chee sengs were the first ones who celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago.
I was expecting surprises or pranks from them but it turns out that it's deadline week so no one is free to plan one for me or they are afraid of me, the major birthday prankster. So forgivable, haha.
At least they treat me Domino's Pizza for dinner! :D
Love it! Every choices they made for the pizzas are my favorite.
So after having a pizza feast, they started to do a photoshoot.
The theme- gigolo shop / sex shop

And my guy turns out to be the gigolo. lmao

awkward! lol

the 4th floor's december babies

There are more photos for that day but some are a bit too exaggerated so I won't post them out.
After the photoshoot ends, I play with my guy's long eyelashes.
Holy shit, they are longer than mine. *sob sob*
ta-dah my gigolo!
shit, he's prettier than me :(


Belated Birthday Post #1

Last Tuesday's date
e v o n

moi ini banyak sot, tetapi saya suka~

I thought I never have the chance to meet her in person due to our different schedules.
But finally we met! yeah!

Quite awkward for the first date with my first blogger.
Didn't expect her work ends early and I was awfully late for hours!
So sorry...
Quickly, I buy her another cup of chatime, which was her 2nd cup already.
Oh ya, I received a big red pocket(with a birthday card inside!) from her, which is cutely designed and most of all it's...

handmade gifts are always acceptable and cherish-able
i just dislike people buying me gifts which are not my favorite
coz it shows insincerity.

Then after a few rounds of walking around, window shopping and non-stop giggling & chatting, we decided to dine at Ichiban Boshi.
And my guy joined in for the dinner too.
i always do that pose too!
but mostly end up sniffing my hair a bit and chew a bit. lol&gross

unedited pics coz they look so good in true colors!
arghhh! hungry!


evon, u look like a xiu mui mui who just discovered a camera

Ok, filled our stomach up with good food and it's time to walk around again!

By the time we passed by the main entrance, we saw snow!




neh~ That's foam.
I even licked it. yuck!

Ok, playtime's over. No more snow.
Time to move on what I have always wanted to eat- c r e p e s
And NO! It's not like pasar malam's crepes or most of you called it 'ke li bing 可立饼', seriously, chocolate with mayonnaise, peanuts and jam or or even chicken floss?! OMG... How do you guys eat those stuffs?!

Finally the moment I have been waiting for!

Feeling tortured by so many tasty choices...
I wanna try all of them!
But that's impossible and I don't wanna gain so much weight just because of those fucking yummy-looking crepes so... I ordered the one with a piece of choc cake with bananas and cream, damn my guy ate almost the whole piece of choc cake, and left the bananas for me. rawr!!!

Sadly, the time flies by real fast and it was time for us to say goodbye to each other.
We girls just can't stop chatting!

Thank you for the date :)
It's a pleasure to know you


23 December 2010


Hey hey~ Happy Winter Solstice!

I always enjoy this festival.
I am really grateful to my ma ma who taught me and my mui to make tong yun the traditional way or we called it the-ma ma-style. lol

And dad always love how we sisters made it.
Just the right sweetness of the tong shui and the coconut sugar fillings inside the dumplings.

How many of you people still know how to make tong yun?

busy busy busyyyy...zzzz
gotta rush my assignments for now
as my january's bangkok trip is coming soon!
here i come!


16 December 2010

wimay's nightmare birthday

Wimay's birthday!
Since Christmas is coming, we're gonna build a snowman and paint the place white!

lol, macam walking zombie

before & after

What we love to do: set a theme and start taking photos
She decides to do horror scary theme.

In the end...

i love you guys!
you all never fail to give me good memories


15 December 2010


christmas comes early this year!
with big fat hugs!

thanks dear


6 December 2010

An Early B'day Present

This is my favorite present from my classmates.
I enjoy the show very much.
Thank you very much, really.
Words can't express how happy I am today.




Short Update

fat cat tummy

what a busy week!
just finished selling my stuffs at Kaka bazaar.

i kinda miss my f a m i l y...

i'm very sorry for calling most of the time just to remind you to give me my allowance, i didn't mean to make you disappointed...
i know i'm useless, taking money from my parents.
but i'm trying to: do more part-time jobs(real hard work! not always available. i'm working in a factory for shopping malls big decorations), create more handmade crafts to sell, blog more just to earn a bit more and skip meals.
nevertheless, the earnings i received must always spent on art materials(or else how can i paint?) & pay the bills.
i don't make much phone calls to my parents because i don't want them to worry about me and to show that i can be independent.

i always sleep at the late nights just to finish my works.
these days, fatigue just fucked up my emotions and my temper.


28 November 2010

Betty's Midwest Kitchen

I woke up this morning and met up with my bro for brunch, after that drove back to S'ban.
So, where did we dine?

I like how they decorate the place there.
It's so comfy and not to mention..
i LOVE the pictures of pigs hanging on the walls! It's so adorable!
(There's the one with the 'OINK', which i love the most lol)
image from BMK's facebook

When you're too hungry, the first thing you must do is to stuff some food into your empty stomach with the side orders!
I'm quite impressed with their menu! Everything just look DELICIOUS!
(not to mention the menu's design is nice too~)
We ordered the 'Dog Food', something we wanna try a long time ago.
(just because of the name, and my sis make fun of it a lot, lol)

This is our favorite dish!
Melted Cheese + Gravy Sauce = great combination!

Bro ordered the Pork Chops With Country Gravy
He said the green peas bring back a lot of good childhood memories. lolwtf
(he doesn't like green peas when he was young)
The thick creamy sauce is really something special, it's no ordinary sauce like the outsides ones.
From the look of outside, I thought the pork chops are thin, but they are not.
I have no comment on the chops but if the food can be chewed, swallowed and digested into my stomach then it's GOODDD~~

Mine: Sloppy Joe
I was disappointed because I ordered the wrong food for myself.
It's quite like a warm comfort food, also gives out a feeling that you're eating mom's cooking.
To be honest, that bowl of ground meat with ketchup just gave me an impression of a can of baked beans. Sorry!

Then it's dessert time!!!
Dessert was quite a headache for us coz both of us were quite troubled on choosing Apple Crumble or Bread Pudding.
We wish to choose the both of them but sadly there's not much space for our stomach.
So in the end, we chose the Apple Crumble!
I tried a few cafe's apple crumble before, they usually serve us fresh apples cut into cube sized and then covered up with the crumbles and milk.
But Betty's apple crumble is definitely different! The apples are kinda like apple pies' inside fillings, kinda like pastes, quite creamy & sticky. Whenever you eat one spoon of apple paste the crumble sure with stick with it.
My bro can't take much of it coz it's a bit too sweet for him, while I finished this with joy.

Overall, I like dining at Betty's.
The price is not too pricey and nice & fast service too.

Look, we even tapao Jucy Lucy for dad.

i just love brown paper wrappings!


26 November 2010

I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI!!

I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI!
I want some good nom nom time!

who is Hitomi?

fingers crossed


21 November 2010


I SUPPORT KIM WEI WEI on smashpop.net!


20 November 2010

If I Had Rapunzel's Hair

Walt Disney Pictures presents RAPUNZEL: A TANGLED TALE, an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE) is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit (voice of ZACHARY LEVI). With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair… lots of hair.

So what would you do if you
had 70 feet of magical golden hair?

1. Slap ignorant bastards.
You know what I hate the most when enjoying a good movie? It's when people who won't switch their phone to silent mode! Phone ringing always ruins the atmosphere or even your mood, especially when the gan jeong(exciting) part(take horror movie for example) is coming, then suddenly "eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh/stop telephonin' me" rings, so annoying right!? In the end, everyone in the cinema didn't get a chance to scared by the ghost and go chehh or even swearing seafood(which makes the cinema noisier).
So if a person's phone rings, I'll surely will slap him/her with my long long golden hair.

2. Share the happiness with kids.
How to share? Easy! Just let kids play skipping rope with my long golden hair, they might even believe my hair is made of ropes, so that they won't have to spend money on those ropes which are quite crappy these days. Don't you just love to see smiley faces on them? :)

3. Style My Hair!
It's pimp my hair time!
Since my hair is thick already, having 70 feet long hair means I can style my hair creatively!
Such as:

my favorite japanese hair bun!
mickey mouse is ♥
pineapple hair!

Nagi Noda's moose hair!
Durian/Statue of Liberty

4. Keep myself warm.
My body can't bear the cold temperature and must be covered by blanket in the night. But my blanket always slips off my body most of the time, which will cause me to have running nose the next morning. With my uber long hair, I'll wrap myself up like a silkworm to keep myself warm. So it's bye bye to running nose!

5. I can haz moustache!
Yes! I can tie my hair around me face!
And I'll talk the italian way~

6. Naked Run
For all the years,I still don't like to wear undergarments. I don't wear them when I'm in the house. But if I'm allowed, I like to run naked covered with my long golden hair.
Ahh~~ The freedom!

So this is is my best hair, nothing special about it. lol

i know it's late to post this up, but i would like to give it a try.
since i didn't update my blog much these days.