3 October 2009


Ish... October already?
Time flies by so fast.

I learned so much at September.
Well mostly from my friends.
And some are leaving me too due to financial problems. Sadnya...
Keep in touch ya?

I'm creating another blog for myself.
Yes, one and only me!
Which means more bitching in that blog, more cursing and even some juicy gossips about me. Tempting kan? haha
Why? I feel that I'm loosing my privacy already. This blog sometimes talks too much already, causing some fucking stalkers calling themselves as guru shit and trying to teach me a lesson or two.
Well fuck you!
I'm happy with my life and you're making it worse only.

My Beijing trip- without my wacom tablet I can't post it up yet.
I'm editing the photos and trying to do some doodles to it, haha.
So have some patience, ok?

By the way, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Enjoy eating mooncakes, playing lanterns, firecrackers, candles and viewing the moon.

Meet Ah Piao(阿飘), Max's baby. lol


  1. lolz...guru shit...anyway..juz dun F###king care abt them lor...wait..u got hater..means u r FAMOUS!!!wakaka

  2. dear~~ how are u over there?? miss you much here!!! how are u?? everything alrite? haizzzzz..those fxxker is just talking nonsence!! dont bother abt them to ruin your mood k? yeap..agree with Da Devil tat you are famous lo!! hahaha..same goes to you~ Happie mooncake fest to you too!!

  3. yeah so fast october edy.. lol..
    aiyo.. dont care about them la k.. =)


  4. Give me that blog addddddddddddddresss. Happy Mid Autumn to you too, sirei-daughter.

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  6. Happy belated mid autumn festival.. hope u enjoyed yr mooncakes

  7. @Da Devil & Lisa717
    LOL!!! not famous la~ but thanks anyway XD

    yaya i'm ignoring them liao, thanks :)

    in your dreams mama bing!

    you too! :D
    bet you had some high-class mooncakes eh? haha


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