29 October 2009


My heavy baby- Nikon D300.

I mentioned earlier that I hate using it, but after toying with it a few times...
I love it!
I'm gonna name my heavy baby Nimo. muacks

We're gonna have so much fun at photography class together, Nimo! ><


16 October 2009

Mah Eye Got Sushi

The last time I tried on colored contact lenses, I swore I will never wear them.

Aiya.. Honestly, that time I haven't learn how to wear them properly so that's why I hate them.
So I broke the promise.
I bought a pair of gray contact lenses for myself~ tee hee :P

Hmm.. Can't really see the color clearly from a distance... sadnya~

Then me and some of my hommies got a bit erm... excited, and we exchanged our contacts just to try out the colors. Peace~
Max's purple

They say purple look damn nice on my eyes~ tee hee
Too bad purple doesn't suit nerdy me.
Unfortunately, Max smoke and drink quite a lot, so his eyes are quiet yellow-ish and this effects the purple looks more like... shit.

Bcoz's green

Green is suitable for nerdy me~
Oh ya, suits Max too.

P/S i like my right eye

Oct 13, Sushi King's members card promotion day- RM2 sushi. I invited a few of my friends to dine at there.
Thank god the queue was not that long.

Me + Ah Soo=14 plates *burp*
P/S i ate a lot of Unagi sushi :)


11 October 2009

Zhong Qiu

Ello boss!
How's your Mid Autumn Festival?
I bet some of you guys drank beers and got laid or joined a BBQ party, eh?

This year I got a bit bored with this year's mid autumn.
No firecrackers, out of stock.
The mooncakes get crappier year by year.
Not to mention the price too. Fucking ridiculous.
The bad weather/ polluted air just ruins the great view of the moon.
My age is increasing and I'm not into lanterns anymore, unless if I got my retard gangs at my side. miss you guys

Most important is.. Tutu forced me to play candles/masak masak with her.

masak masak
1. Melt the candles
2. Then place a leaf inside
3. Enjoy the crackling sounds. Bon appetit

Siao zha boh called dad to buy 10 box of candles back.
Unfortunately he only bought 5.

Tutu Power Bomb!

Never let your kids watch South Park. XD

Just for fun.

1. Put your weeds on the paper.

2. Roll it up.

3. Light it and smoke.
If you choke til death, don't blame me.

I got a bit bored that I decided to play a bit of photography with the phone and DSLR.

I want my 'R'! ><

swoosh swoosh!

Fuiyoh, I got magic wand!
You got mah?

Damn you Tutu!
I shoot you so pretty and nice, you shoot me like shit.

Ok lah.. quite fun lah... ;P


3 October 2009


Ish... October already?
Time flies by so fast.

I learned so much at September.
Well mostly from my friends.
And some are leaving me too due to financial problems. Sadnya...
Keep in touch ya?

I'm creating another blog for myself.
Yes, one and only me!
Which means more bitching in that blog, more cursing and even some juicy gossips about me. Tempting kan? haha
Why? I feel that I'm loosing my privacy already. This blog sometimes talks too much already, causing some fucking stalkers calling themselves as guru shit and trying to teach me a lesson or two.
Well fuck you!
I'm happy with my life and you're making it worse only.

My Beijing trip- without my wacom tablet I can't post it up yet.
I'm editing the photos and trying to do some doodles to it, haha.
So have some patience, ok?

By the way, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Enjoy eating mooncakes, playing lanterns, firecrackers, candles and viewing the moon.

Meet Ah Piao(阿飘), Max's baby. lol