9 June 2009

Wood Ma Cha Lang Dong

Again, I forgot the name of this exhibition.
But a lot wood in it.

Peaceful atmosphere.
Singing along what they're singing at there.

There's a pile of wood inside a box and you can pick a few pieces and join them like a puzzle.
Then, stick it up the wall which is a comment wall.

Lelong lelong

Do stop by and take a look!
Today is just the first day of the exhibition.


  1. wakao so creative... Hey I comment so many times d, no 3 wishes gei? 3x100 times = 300 times you owe me :P

  2. hahahhaha~~I laugh at Ahmike act..

    dear..may i knw where is this place?? please reply me at my cbox ya~~ thanks thanks~~

  3. woahhh woahhhh wait a min, so there are only woods there? What about chicks? hotttttttt chicks?

  4. @Ahmike
    I asked what's your wish a while ago. but u didn't respond.

    replied dear :)

    GOT!!! go there and see for yourself XD

  5. woody wood..
    sure the place smells very woody..
    haha.. =D

  6. Fuahh! The lamp looks so unique. Senang terbakar tak?

  7. @kenwooi.com
    sure does >:D

    if near to fire, of course la XD

  8. your school so nice one, not like mine T__T

  9. Near to fire? Tak terbakar ka?


Thank you for commenting, now I shall grant you 3 wishes. XD