7 June 2009


1. I don't know what's the name of this exhibition...

2. The walls of the gallery room is made up of black circle papers.

3. The sky is full of black balloons. Must be a gloomy day~

4. The comment board is full of my class's spams. We keep on writing comments to this guy, Max who owes a lot of assignment to the lecturers. We wrote something like 'Max, do your work!' or '32 pieces of sketching left! Max!' or 'Max Just Do It!' etc etc etc. LOL

5. Well done!


    Dasein, where i'm studying right now

    thanks :D

  2. what even is that?
    kinda cool the idea.. haha.. =D

  3. wow!! this is so cool leh!! where is the exhibition held? at ur college??

  4. @kenwooi
    some kind of art gallery by the seniors.

    yeah! :)

    yup at my college. it's over already. :)


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