30 May 2009


Damn, can't believe I slept at 4 am.

Ok, I'll tell you the reason.
I was watching Astro yesterday night and it was hell boring coz it's Friday night and there's not much to see, all boring shit movies. And I was changing the channels non-stop.
Until then I stumbled across Channel V and there's an one hour program called Videoscope which they focus on chosen artists/bands' music videos.

Guess what? IT WAS THE KILLERS!!!

And yes, they love to kill... celebrities.
I'm not joking, it's real.

So I decided to stay up late just to watch their music videos.
And it's a good thing that I did.

I fucking love their songs. I mean, after a hectic day, all I wanna do it's just listen to their songs... the loud guitars and drums, the keyboards(which is quite electronica..), the lyrics and best of all, Brandon Flowers's strong vocals.

I've got their every albums! :P

If you're an indie rock lover, you gotta love em!

P/S i'm singing Midnight Show now.


  1. wow wow wow!!! Killer's fans here weh~~~ hahahaha...

  2. the killers? never heard of it leh..
    first time see it.. haha..
    sleep at 4am? normal la.. sometimes i sleep at 5am.. lol =D

  3. I love both The Killers and Jimmy Kimmel LOL

  4. @Lisa717
    u too?! :D

    outdate la u! XD
    weh weh, you're here to challenge me???

    LOL! high 5 dude! :D


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