24 May 2009


Really lack of sleep these days.
If you guys call me to take a break, I can't, not that I don't want to...
How I wish I can!
Feel like wasting money on buying that mattress. :P

And also, I'm turning into a MCC person.

1. After doing my assignments, I clean up my stuffs and throw away some papers. My putty eraser is wrapped up with a piece of paper. So, as I was throwing the papers, I think I threw my putty eraser too... Today I panicked and searched throughout the dustbin(eww... who ate banana and spitted it out again?!) but no sign of my putty... Therefore, I can't do my drawing and sketching at all.

Reminder: Buy putty tomorrow.

2. I arrived my apartment and I was going to open my door... I searched for the keys which I usually hide them inside the bag pockets. But the only stuffs I can find in my bag pockets are iPod, bus ticket, candy, pendrive and aviators. I have no idea where my keys are so I pressed the doorbell and thank god my housemates are inside.
Ok, another problem is- without my keys... HOW CAN I ENTER MY OWN ROOM!?
Once again, I searched frantically for my keys from my bag... Then I heard a non-stop 'cling cling' from my pocket and I touched my pocket...
WTF la... My keys are inside my pocket.

Reminder: Keys

3. As me and my friend were walking to the LRT station, we passed by a P.Saga car. My friend looked at me for a while and she gave me a weird expression...

F: Ei ei, what's wrong with you ah?
Me: Huh? What?
F: Kanasai... You didn't notice ah?
Me: Notice what?
F: That Saga guy lah! He's jerking off in public leh! And his penis didn't also!'stand up' diu ma chao hai... Disgusting lor!!!
Me: *stops about 10 seconds...* WTF!? OMG!!! WADAT LAH!!!
F: =___=

Reminder: Watch out for perverts.


  1. what is MCC?
    lol perverts? haha..

  2. a lot of potential rapist on the street! beware!

  3. =__= omg laaa.
    sei wat dat lou...

  4. @AhMike
    yes i am

    haha, yeah... :)

    thanks? XD

    i found it quite funny la XD


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