18 May 2009


A fashion show by seniors from Dasein.
My bro just sold his Sony DSLR and owned a Nikon, which I fucking hate it coz changing the pics to JPEG very bothersome... So that's why I don't have awesome photos to take.

Anyways let the pics and videos do the talking.

Hip Hop

Yeah... As you can see I don't take that much photos of the models coz I wanna enjoy the show as well, so you know la...
*wink wink*


  1. lol nice.

    what? sony so easy to use, alamak ni..

    I am using Sony A200. no pro la ehehe

  2. apa lu la...
    i mean the nikon is really hard to use la

  3. I give you award..
    taken its award on my blog..
    and place it on your blog..

  4. that looks like so much fun!

  5. wow like the purplish colour!
    amazing! =D

  6. @Da Devil
    dunno dunno~

    aww... thanks!

    yeap! it is!

    awesome kan? :D

  7. dont blame the camera, blame the user. There's no difference in both cameras in terms of output its maybe you are shooting in raw thats why you need to convert the files to jpg. u can opt to shoot in jpg same goes to any brand of cameras out there

    my 2 cents

  8. haiz... i convert my photos to jpeg with my comp.
    but my comp gets 'hang' when i plug in the USB cable and can't even convert the photos at all :(


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