9 May 2009


First of all, I've moved into my new place(metroview).Damn empty right? But no worries, my housemates and me are gonna decorate it soon!

my only partner that day- superbear

There's no internet line or gas yet, so I'm like in a rehab or something...

everyday bread, fruits or cereals... sienz lor

But hey, look at the bright side there's a nice balcony and it's always windy!
The problem is the balcony is a bit too fascinating especially when I'm doing my assignments.
Do a bit, got fed up a bit then go to the balcony enjoy the wind or spy on other people, then go back do a bit... vice versa

And talking about assignments...
It's difficult to satisfy one of the lecturers, I have almost 4 assignments need to redo and I can't find the right time to redo them. Today you've done the assignments then the next day new ones are coming to hunt you down again.
Now the stress is ON: my sleeping hours reduced or I don't sleep at all, I'm losing my appetite, my wallet is getting emptier, I want a part-time job but I don't have the time, my parents always call me at the wrong time, I wanna cry but the tears won't even drop, I can't stop throwing tantrums or control my temper well....

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I don't even feel like celebrating it.
Go fuck myself...


  1. wah must be good "boy" k pandai pandai jaga diri. eh cant comment, wtfart?

  2. may I have where is your house location?? the nite view realy nice lo~~ aiks..for your assignments, you gotta gayao gayao ar!! all the best to u k!!

  3. metroview?wakaka...my fren stay there and usually i will go there and find him...wakaka...nice med room

  4. wow your new place looks nice! =D

  5. @Ahmike
    lol, will do and thanks :D

    my place? the devil spoke liao XD
    thanks thanks! >____<

    @Da Devil
    ya la, almost 90% is utar students lor
    hate u guys la, snatch so much rooms liao, lol XD

    thanks dude! :)

  6. erm...my fren and i oso nt study at UTAR or TARC...so u cant blame us...wakaka


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