26 May 2009

Drama In My Life

I'm a useless piece of shit.
I'm scared... I'm a coward.
I cry... like a baby. Useless.
I don't think deep enough... I'm a total idiot.

But I learned my lesson REAL WELL.

I love you mom and dad.
Sorry for being so stubborn and rude to you guys.
You guys are always by my side.
Thank you for being so understanding and forgiving...

I learned my lesson well.
Living in KL is not easy.


  1. Ah now u know d la.. but make sure you grow greater k

  2. hmm..
    glad to hear that u repent on what u had done.
    bear in mind to take gd k in KL cz the life is not that simple at all~~ God bless u ooo..

  3. you'll grow up as a great person!
    all the best! =)

  4. @Ahmike
    thanks dude. :)

    thanks babe :)

    thank you :)

    will do! :)


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