30 May 2009


Damn, can't believe I slept at 4 am.

Ok, I'll tell you the reason.
I was watching Astro yesterday night and it was hell boring coz it's Friday night and there's not much to see, all boring shit movies. And I was changing the channels non-stop.
Until then I stumbled across Channel V and there's an one hour program called Videoscope which they focus on chosen artists/bands' music videos.

Guess what? IT WAS THE KILLERS!!!

And yes, they love to kill... celebrities.
I'm not joking, it's real.

So I decided to stay up late just to watch their music videos.
And it's a good thing that I did.

I fucking love their songs. I mean, after a hectic day, all I wanna do it's just listen to their songs... the loud guitars and drums, the keyboards(which is quite electronica..), the lyrics and best of all, Brandon Flowers's strong vocals.

I've got their every albums! :P

If you're an indie rock lover, you gotta love em!

P/S i'm singing Midnight Show now.

26 May 2009

Drama In My Life

I'm a useless piece of shit.
I'm scared... I'm a coward.
I cry... like a baby. Useless.
I don't think deep enough... I'm a total idiot.

But I learned my lesson REAL WELL.

I love you mom and dad.
Sorry for being so stubborn and rude to you guys.
You guys are always by my side.
Thank you for being so understanding and forgiving...

I learned my lesson well.
Living in KL is not easy.


24 May 2009


Really lack of sleep these days.
If you guys call me to take a break, I can't, not that I don't want to...
How I wish I can!
Feel like wasting money on buying that mattress. :P

And also, I'm turning into a MCC person.

1. After doing my assignments, I clean up my stuffs and throw away some papers. My putty eraser is wrapped up with a piece of paper. So, as I was throwing the papers, I think I threw my putty eraser too... Today I panicked and searched throughout the dustbin(eww... who ate banana and spitted it out again?!) but no sign of my putty... Therefore, I can't do my drawing and sketching at all.

Reminder: Buy putty tomorrow.

2. I arrived my apartment and I was going to open my door... I searched for the keys which I usually hide them inside the bag pockets. But the only stuffs I can find in my bag pockets are iPod, bus ticket, candy, pendrive and aviators. I have no idea where my keys are so I pressed the doorbell and thank god my housemates are inside.
Ok, another problem is- without my keys... HOW CAN I ENTER MY OWN ROOM!?
Once again, I searched frantically for my keys from my bag... Then I heard a non-stop 'cling cling' from my pocket and I touched my pocket...
WTF la... My keys are inside my pocket.

Reminder: Keys

3. As me and my friend were walking to the LRT station, we passed by a P.Saga car. My friend looked at me for a while and she gave me a weird expression...

F: Ei ei, what's wrong with you ah?
Me: Huh? What?
F: Kanasai... You didn't notice ah?
Me: Notice what?
F: That Saga guy lah! He's jerking off in public leh! And his penis didn't also!'stand up' diu ma chao hai... Disgusting lor!!!
Me: *stops about 10 seconds...* WTF!? OMG!!! WADAT LAH!!!
F: =___=

Reminder: Watch out for perverts.

18 May 2009


A fashion show by seniors from Dasein.
My bro just sold his Sony DSLR and owned a Nikon, which I fucking hate it coz changing the pics to JPEG very bothersome... So that's why I don't have awesome photos to take.

Anyways let the pics and videos do the talking.

Hip Hop

Yeah... As you can see I don't take that much photos of the models coz I wanna enjoy the show as well, so you know la...
*wink wink*


9 May 2009


First of all, I've moved into my new place(metroview).Damn empty right? But no worries, my housemates and me are gonna decorate it soon!

my only partner that day- superbear

There's no internet line or gas yet, so I'm like in a rehab or something...

everyday bread, fruits or cereals... sienz lor

But hey, look at the bright side there's a nice balcony and it's always windy!
The problem is the balcony is a bit too fascinating especially when I'm doing my assignments.
Do a bit, got fed up a bit then go to the balcony enjoy the wind or spy on other people, then go back do a bit... vice versa

And talking about assignments...
It's difficult to satisfy one of the lecturers, I have almost 4 assignments need to redo and I can't find the right time to redo them. Today you've done the assignments then the next day new ones are coming to hunt you down again.
Now the stress is ON: my sleeping hours reduced or I don't sleep at all, I'm losing my appetite, my wallet is getting emptier, I want a part-time job but I don't have the time, my parents always call me at the wrong time, I wanna cry but the tears won't even drop, I can't stop throwing tantrums or control my temper well....

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and I don't even feel like celebrating it.
Go fuck myself...