4 April 2009

Daddy!!! I Want A Mini Cooper!!!

Yeah, rightttt... I wish!
But still, I love my Kelisa

Yesterday is a boring day:
Blogger- don't have any inspiration, lazy to reply
Weather- warm, but i feel a bit... suffocated
MSN- nobody's online
Inbox- spam, spam, spam, blogger, poupee, ads offering, spam, spam, spam.......
Youtube- beavis & butthead, simpsons, subscriptions
Astro- fucking boring movies with so much censorship
Night- did facial mask and felt asleep... curious about Tutu taking photos of me

Ok, so I was watching MTV and it was airing a show called 'My Super Sweet 16'.
Erm... This show is about rich spoiled brats planning their own 16th birthday party. And I suppose lalas or rich-wannabes love this show because of the branded stuffs and luxurious life that make them go 'ohhhhh~~~~'.

And I search 'brats' in the Youtube and found this... Seems like Audrey Reyes is the biggest brat in this show. Watch this:

Click here if you still don't understand what's going on with her.

Two things I can't stand about them are their parents and ... still their parents.

Why on earth are you doing this to your kids?! Why are you spoiling them? Why carry your 10(or above *snorts*) credit cards, slotting them one by one in the departmental store for your children's LV, Tiffany & Co., Coach(the ugliest handbags), bla bla bla...

You guys are suppose to teach them to be independent! If they want something, teach them to get and own it by themselves(well in a good way, of course!).

When I was a kiddo, my dad won't buy those toys from McD Kids Meal even if I did the 'spinning table' on the floor, right in front of everyone. Yeah, great to have him.

boo hoo!
my daddyyy won't get me a tiara!
and i hate mommy too, she ruined my party because she got me the wrong present!
i want this, i want that....


  1. Don follow me la, I want cooper u also want! apala.. wei.. what 3 wishes as stated, I didnt get one? I comment all the time leh ahahahha

  2. wtf la u! XD
    what's your 3 wishes?

  3. Hahah..yes the show always feature bratty (dare i add bitchy) teenagers. But then again, there are exceptions now and then when the teen is very well mannered..but then again its very rare.

  4. hahaha i want a ferrari! lol
    you dont FB? why isnt on the list? lol
    nowadays kids are really really pampered..

  5. her mom totally ruined the party! boohoo!

    lolx... damn funny!

  6. @Chester
    LOL!!! XD

    go beg your parents, lol XD
    nah, i don't have FB
    ya la, you better not spoil your children, haha.

    kekekeke~~~ :P


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