29 March 2009

What Did I Do At Earth Hour

I slept like a dead fish.

Actually, I was deciding to take a nap at about 5pm, but who knows I was so frustrated and tired and I finally fell asleep til midnight.
So I turned off my lights not only 1 hour but ? hours!(you do the maths)

Yeah me! (lol, how bimbotic of me! XD)


  1. you're not the only one!
    some of my friends also slept like logs.. haha

  2. haha. i thought that was ur cat.

    wah .. u must be very tired!

  3. haha...gud activity...wakaka
    anyway,on tat hours,i juz having my dinner after class...wakaka

  4. @Nicki
    haha, we should open a slepping club :P

    oh, i wish that is my cat! XD
    yeah, i am...

    @Da Devil
    having dinner with candles?

  5. lol..no lar,eating wif candle along wif other 3 guys?wakaka...very gay leh..wakkaa,mamak there they din turn off the light...

  6. lol, how gay o... XD
    don't touch each other then alright de, haha
    wangsa maju's mamak there a?


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